GroundSwell Music was founded in 1991 by Ian McKinnon to meet the needs of management for his group, Rawlins Cross. GroundSwell Music now acts as record label and artist management to provide aspiring Nova Scotia artists the opportunities to build careers nationally and internationally under the guidance of the evolving team at GroundSwell. This is done in partnership with the company’s commitment to developing various business relations, including leading national publicists, radio trackers, booking agents, and other industry personnel.

In November 2014, Ian McKinnon won Music Nova Scotia awards for Manager of the Year and Industry Professional of the Year. In 2015 he, again, won the Music Nova Scotia award for Manager of the Year. GroundSwell also won the ECMA Company of the Year award in 2012. The company’s roster has, between them, won a plethora of Music Nova Scotia and East Coast Music Awards and received Juno Award nominations. The Stanfields and Rawlins Cross have charted on radio in various formats throughout the years, and all of the acts continue to generate considerable revenue from live performances, record sales, merchandise sales, and publishing fees.

GroundSwell Music works with Nova Scotia musicians and bands that perform original music in a wide array of genres, showcasing the best of what the East Coast has to offer. The primary concern when beginning a new journey with any artist is their talent and work ethic—the genre is less important when a talented artist shows great potential and drive. The company has a keen ability to identify early signs of promise, and nurture that promise into a long-lasting career in the music industry.

Our aim for each of the acts we work with as clients is to break them in markets outside of the Atlantic Region in order to build long-term, sustainable careers in the music industry. We also make efforts with each group to assemble the best team around them to help build their careers. Whether it be publicists, radio promoters, label partners, or otherwise, we source the best and most excited people possible for each act to ensure a committed and hardworking team surrounds each artist.